Experience with Apple MBP 14" M1


I wan to buy a new MBP 14" with the M1 processor. Which configuration should I choose? Is the base model with the 8-Core CPU and 14-Core GPU with 16GB Memory? Or should I go with the 10-Core, 16-Core and 32GB Memory?

I want to use it the next three to five years.

Very best Thomas

My advice is always to go with the most powerful you can afford. For SketchUp itself, the number of cores is irrelevant as it will only use one. But more can help renderers and can also let you run more apps simultaneously without bogging down. CPU and memory usage by apps just keeps growing, and even 32GB may seem small in a frighteningly short time!

I will always suggest the most RAM you can get. I believe my everyday laptop has 64… more RAM means more model!

I have a whole 8. I have to be very frugal.
But then I’ve always been the type that believes you need to be able to ride the balls off a small bike before you upgrade the horsepower.

I am in the Box cohort [finally got to slip that term in :slight_smile: ) Less is More…