Existing files not opening

Hello, I’ve been working on a file on SKP pro 2023.
In the startup screen for sketchup, the file is shown, but with no image preview. when I select the file it goes to open but nothing happens.
The files are shown in finder on my laptop, with the Sketchup icon, but its saying the files are JPEG and not SKP as I would expect them to be.
I had to clear some space on my laptop yesterday, and I wonder if I deleted something needed?
some existing files are opening no problem however…

Share the .skp file so we can see what you are working with. Probably you’ve got the camera balled up.

Please also clean up your forum profile. Put in the version number for the SketchUp Version and the actuall Mac OS version for the operating system.

what’s the best way to share the file with you?

If it is 16MB or less, drag it into the reply window here. If larger, save it to a file sharing site, make sure to set it for public access, and share a link here.

Had you exported as 2d graphics? You may have deleted the wrong file!

What you shared is the backup version of your file. Note the ~ in the file name.

We Transfer also shows it is 0 bytes in size.

I’m not sure why, but it always saves a huge amount of these backups for any file I work on

There should be one backup file to go along with the working file. If you open the file with the ~ in the name and then save it, you really wind up with a backup of the backup and the original working file isn’t getting modified I’ve seen cases where users keep opening the latest backup and end up with a file contain 6 or 8 tildes in the file name.

Again, the file you shared has a file size of 0 bytes so there’s absolutely nothing in it.

WeTransfer won’t open the non-backup version of the file…

What do you mean it won’t open it? You don’t need We Transfer to open the file, just store it.

Use Drop Box instead.

As in, I can’t select the file to then create the link from. same with dropbox.

Where is this file located? Can you copy it to a different location on your computer and then upload that copy?