Excluding section plane from material selection

I posted this before but not as a request. When you have the section plane visible and you want to pick a material, the eyedropper doesn’t pick it because is selecting the section plane. shouldn’t be excluded from selection since the section planes don’t use materials?


Just like any other drawing elements, section planes can use materials! Have you tried SketchUp 2018, where a section plane material can be used to fill cross sections? If they can have a material, there must be a consistent way to sample that material in the case a user wants to sample it (and not the material behind the section plane).

But section planes are special, since they are a “thing” that is not visible and makes things disappear. So there must also be a way to select what is visible (behind the section plane). In the View menu, you can toggle visibility of the section plane handles, and this toggles also the behavior of the Sampling Tool and Select Tool.

Thanks, I toggle the visibility …but if you want to sample the section material should be enough to get it anywhere where is applied (at the section) …how often you have to sample a section and how often you sample objects? …to get priority to the section over objects is not very practical IMO

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