Event manager learning sketchup

Any suggestions on where I can download (preferably) or watch videos to learn SketchUp? I am an event manager and need to use SketchUp to do site plans. Importing google maps and then drawing plans on them, placing tents, structures, equipment,etc on the drawings. The trouble I am running into is drawing 2d on a 3d it seems like.


Where to begin…
Try google sketchup tutorials and video’s.

Note that you can’t just draw on (aren’t allowed to aply) Google maps. It will most likely be against their regulations when doing so without Google’s permission.

You should start with

@g.h.hubers is correct. Google has strict rules regarding the use of their maps, imagery, and terrain data which makes it not usable in SketchUp. Currently the Add Location feature in SketchUp gets that information from Digital Globe.

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Thank you. I am going through the courses now!

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Make sure you use top view and parallel projection and then you won’t have too much trouble with the third dimension.

These are relatively new and low in number. Also take advantage of the older YouTube videos.