Estimator Plugin for Sketchup


So, after brilliant perseverance by John Brock and his Programmer, this problem is now fixed.

Really great help and support from John and his team.

From my understanding it turned out to be some sort of conflict/bug in the Sketchup/OS coding. Not 100% on that, but the CSV Export now works.

I have let John know, so I would assume that he will be uploading the new version to his website for download.



Thanks Michael, for bringing it to my attention. Yes, as it turns out there is a Mac bug when calling saving a csv file, just glad my programmer was able to determine the issue and work around it! I wanted to make sure your issue was resolved before uploading the latest release, which I will now do. As it turns out, a Framer for SketchUp customer reached out with same issue on Framer, so we were able to quickly fix that one too, many Thanks!