Error with solids

Hi. I’m new here, I want to know why there are empty boxes in the structure. And how can I fix it, thanks.

Because there are no faces?

If you share the SketchUp file so we can see exactly what you’ve got going on, we could give you an exact answer to your question.

What has this to do with solids? From what little we can see in your screen shot, your model is just some surfaces.

Please complete your profile with SketchUp version, license type, operating system version, and graphics card model.

Apologies, I’m new to this and I still do not know the language.

Here I attach the file!

I can see no file, please try again.

I’m sorry!

The edges surrounding those opening do not lie on the same plane so a face can’t exist. If you draw diagonals between corners, you can get the faces to file as I’ve started here. Three points will always lie on a common plane so a face will form.

You could fix the model but it may be more difficult than it’s worth. The alternative would be to hide the diagonal edges so they aren’t visible.

You should also correct the face orientation because they are currently reversed. (Blue faces out)

And how can I hide the diagonal edges?

You have two question, the easy one first: You hide the diagonals by putting them on another layer and hiding the layer. (See help on how to create a new layer on move an entity to a new layer)

I find this annoying, too. There are several possibilities:

  1. not all of your line segments are connected. Zoom in on where the should connect to check this.
  2. not all of your line segments are on the same plane. Zoom in and rotate.
  3. the layer that has the face fill is hidden. If this is the case, you can make that layer visible and then select the face and move it to the layer the desired layer.

DO NOT try to put in more line segments to get the face to show up! You’ll just get many, many useless line segments that will not connect to other line segments.

Often times you will have a face that is just not planar. This is when you should use diagonals.

Do not do this. All edges and faces should remain on layer 0 and only groups/components be assigned a layer tag. Unless you really know what you are doing.

To make the diagonal disappear you can use several methods,
the soften smooth dialog found in the default tray,
or right click the edge itself and choose soften or hide
or use the eraser tool with ctrl for smooth or shift for hide.

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