Error while opening downloaded file

error while opening downloaded file

Your profile says you are using SketchUp 2021 Free Plan. Are you using a cracked code for SketchUp 2021?

Where did you get the file?

That error message is not from SketchUp itself, suggesting there is something else you are not telling us about.

apparently you’re trying to copy a file.

It would help if you fill in your forum profile with usable information. Help us to help you!

It says Free Plan and SketchUp 2021. Does that mean you are in the trial period for 2021? There is no such thing as Free Plan SketchUp 2021 after the trial ends.

19045.3448 does not clearly tell us what OS you are running. If you are, for example, using Windows 10 that info helps us a lot more than requiring us to research just what that long number might mean.

intel r is quite ambiguous regarding what graphics you may have, though it suggests perhaps intel integrated graphics. Those are generally not recommended for SketchUp.

please let me know how to edit my profile, because that info was fed when i didnt knew much about my laptop, but now i does and not able to change it.

same error message appeared while opening the file. so I tried to copy and open it but the same dialogue box appeared.

please let me know how to change that info.

I’ve corrected info accordingly.

If you are seeing an error like that , you probably want to take your PC to be looked at by a professional or even reset windows.

I googled it

technical expert reinstalled the winrar app and it worked.