Error when using push/pull command


I keep getting this issue where when I push or pull a wall it fires it off into another part of the model at an angle. When I press cmd+Z nothing happens. I usually delete the element and redraw the whole thing. It has happened about 4 times now so would really like to fix the issue.
Anyone know how to fix this??

Can you share the .skp file so we can see what you are working with?

What is the best way of sharing the file? its saying its too big to upload on here

Upload it to Drop Box and share the link.

ERROR.skp (184.5 KB)

I was having problems with my internet speed so have put the messed up object in a new file

Looking at it now. Is it possible you used the Move tool instead of Push/Pull? It looks like a deformation due to some moved geometry. When I use Push/Pull on the end faces in the model I get the expected behavior.
Screenshot - 5_4_2020 , 9_37_42 AM

What is it supposed to be?

Its always when I am using the push/pull, but yes appears the same way as the move tool.

Its meant to be a framed wall panel for a green house

I also can’t undo the command once this has happened

I’m not able to duplicate this with Push/Pull. Can you set up a model that does this but omit the Push/Pull step? Then upload that so I can try to duplicate what you are doing.

In your larger model you have edges and faces tagged. All edges and faces should be untagged. I ran TIG’s Default Layer Geometry to fix it. The extension still uses Layer instead of Tag but it’s the same thing.
Screenshot - 5_4_2020 , 9_43_01 AM

ERROR.skp (194.5 KB)

I redrew the element in the smaller file size

How do I untag the edges and faces?

Looking now.

Manually you would select the edges and faces and change their tag in Entity Info to Untagged. As I said, I used TIG’s Default Layer Geometry to do it. His extension is available from Sketchucation.

Push/Pull works as expected for me. Because of the way it is drawn some of it shows reversed faces but I’m not getting any distortion.

Mine is showing as untagged in my document.

This issue also only occurs infrequently and the majority of the time the push/pull command works

A lot of it is coming from your imported geometry. Here the Tag window is blank because the selected geometry doesn’t all have the same tag.
Screenshot - 5_4_2020 , 9_56_51 AM

It would be interesting to be able to identify when the P/P thing happens. In over 17 years of using SketchUp I’ve never seen this happen with Push/Pull nor have I ever seen another report of it.

I can’t replicate the error you’re seeing but it could be to do with you having geometry on different tags. You may have hidden a tag, thinking it was separating the geometry, then push-pulling the face you can see, but it was distorting the hidden geometry.

I never manually change my tags and always work within groups. I have not been using sketchup that long and don’t really understand how the tags work

The tags probably came from that autocad file then ‘wall that messed up .dwg’

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Tags are basically a visibility control thing that get assigned to components and groups. All the geometry should remain untagged. Imported CAD files sometimes come with geometry tagged. Or if you have a tagged group or component and explode it, the contents take the tag. If you are running into that, the next thing after hitting Explode should be to assign Untagged to the selected geometry.