Error when using Eneroth Solid Tools....probably problem with component

When I try to trim using Eneroth’s tools on the attached model I get an error and a bunch of edges and new faces appear away from the component being trimmed. See attached. I’m trying to trim the green component with yellow using the trim function. Any ideas?

Steve, in response to your earlier query about the model. I used Fredo6’s Bezier Spline.

Testing foot problem 12_23_520p.skp (429.3 KB)

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated !!


How are you expecting these pieces to end up? With a simple halving joint? Are the bottoms of these parts supposed to be flat? The trouble is being causes by the out of place faces on the bottoms.

I’ve redrawn those parts so they are cleaner and have flat bottoms. Eneroth Trim still has a problem due to the way the mortises come through the halving joint. You can see the green internal faces.

Not difficult to fix but the Trim tool in BoolTools2 seems to handle it better closing the face and leaving the component solid.

Testing foot problem 12_23_520p.skp (389.5 KB)