[error unexpected file format]

I’ll look. What version of SketchUp are you really using? You put “Free Plan” in your profile. Either that’s the web version for hobbyists or you’re using a crack.

It’s not a crack. Is the free trial sketchup allows to download. It’s not the web version either. 2023

Fortunately your file has a problem that the later version of 2023 is able to cope with. One group in the model had problems. Here is the repaired file:

You should update SketchUp to 2023.1.3.

Then it’s not the Free Plan. It is Pro.

I’ve recovered the file after fixing some stuff. There was a bad group which has been deleted. Also I fixed incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 12_7_2023 , 9_57_01 AM
Purged unused stuff from the file.
Screenshot - 12_7_2023 , 9_57_24 AM
And I resized a bunch of the overly large texture images. It’s silly to have 15 duplicates of the same material in your model.

Colin has uploaded the file so I won’t.

Thank you so much, both of you!!!

You’re welcome. Please correct your forum profile. When the information is right it’s easier for us to help you.

I’m desperate. Having the same issue. Please help.

I think if you’d update to the current version of SketchUp 2023 you would be able to open your file. I was able to get it opened. There was a bad group in it which got purged. I also purged unused stuff from the file.
STUDENT LC_DEC 19 2023 fixed.skp (9.1 MB)

THANK YOU SO MUCH. I’m able to open it now. I’ll still update to the latest version, though.

Would anybody be able to help me recover? I had hours of changes on it. I have the older file from the skb but it was for the day before, my file is too big to add to this post haha

There are tons of sites where you can upload a file and share with a link.

I keep forgetting simple things, sorry hehehehe. If you know how to fix it. please do help me. thank you. :smiley:

Your file will open ok if you update SketchUp. You can get the latest version here:


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Amazing, will check on Tuesday. THANK YOU AND MERRY CHRISTMAS YALL

Can you help me fix my file error “Unexpected file format”. Thank you so much!

What ve are you really using? Are you a school child using SketchUp for Schools which is a web version as your profile indicates? What operating system? 2023 is NOT an operating system.

Your file opened just fine for me. I fixed incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 1_19_2024 , 8_25_28 PM
And purged a crazy amount of hoarded, unused components and materials.
Screenshot - 1_19_2024 , 8_25_46 PM
Which got rid of more than 54% of the file bloat.

Window 11 64bit. I’m sorry, it was my fault.

Fix your forum profile.

Are you actually using SketchUp for Schools (the web based version)?

I’m not good at English, so I’m using Google translate. I will correct the information in my profile. I see it’s Sketch Up 2023 version. That’s my course project. I will be very grateful for your help.

So SketchUp Pro?