Error Msg when opening Component Attributes

Just opened a SU component file and got the following error msg & Component Attributes & Options windows open blank.

Does anyone know what this means? I disabled some plugins & extensions that I recently installed but didn’t make any difference. Any idea what plugin or extension would cause this error msg?

Check that you have the most recent version of DC’s installed from the Extensions Warehouse. The latest is 1.4.2 released Oct 20, 2016.

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Ok. How do I check which version I have?

just go the the Extension Warehouse in SU and have a look at your installed extensions…

it tells you the status of the su_ extensions…


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Updating now. Thanks for that John. The learning curve just keeps getting steeper. Better get me mountain climbing gear out me thinks.:sweat_smile:

Component attributes working again. Legend.

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I just ran into this issue also. Ext. Man. appears to show all extensions up to date as is the software.
When I try to view attributes in my existing models I get these dialog boxes:



I can make a component in a new drawing and view and edit attributes but if i try to copy a component into another it gives me the same errors,