Error Message while trying to download from 3D warehouse

Hello Everyone in the Scetchup world. Im new to this both this system and to mac computer. I have one problem every time i go to download from the 3d warehouse i get an error message im sure its just a small thing im not doing right. So if someone can help me out i would really appreciate it. Thanks So much DJ

What exactly is the error message? Without that we’re not going to be able to help you.

And please fill out your profile correctly. Your graphics card cannot be “scetchup 2016”.

i wasnt sure what the graphic card stood for? Sorry I just filled it in with something What should I put in that area since i didnt put in the correct wordage.

As for the error message as it apears below
(An error occurred when connecting to 3D Warehouse)

Find out what the graphics card in your computer is. Click on the apple icon in the upper left when you have SketchUp open and select About this computer. You should see the graphics card listed.

How were you trying to get into the Warehouse? How far did you get before the error occurred? Are you logged in?

Yes im logged in After I chose an item i would like to use i hit ok for it to download into my project on the screen then after a minute i get that message…

Thanks for helping with this Dave

also i found all of the correct information about the graphic card and all sorry i looked dumb but my first time ever using an apple computer

Can you share the title/description of the model you’re trying to download?

Can you get it by searching for it in your browser?