Error message: "This should never happen - please contact Tech support"

Dear community,
Has anyone ever got this weird error message from Sketchup ?
"This should never happen - please contact Tech support"

I got this in the following condition but could not be reproduced:
-drawing a simple 1D figure.
-Drawing an adjacent circle.
-erasing the surface of the circle to keep only the edge.
-select the circle
-execute a follow-me of the figure along the circle.
-Undo (because the result was not smooth enough, the circle has only 12 segments and I wanted 24.
-receive a very common message about fixing minor errors… OK
-select the circle to increase the number of segments but the circle is now exploded into separate segments
-an undo restores the circle into a… circle
-the circle has now 0 (zero) segments
-I type 24 instead of 0 and get:
“This should never happen - please contact Tech support”

I deleted and recreated the circle and all ended well and safe but i’m curious about such a sibylline messge.

Can you share the .skp file so we can see exactly what you had set up?

Here we are…
this should never happen.skp (29.8 KB)

Well, I see your 12-sided circle is exploded into 12 segments. Maybe after Follow Me? Selecting the edges and running Follow Me works without any problem although I am using SU2022 and it tends to handle small geometry better than SU2018. I can’t duplicate that message. Maybe when it happened you were holding your mouth wrong or there was a weird alignment of planets affecting gravity. :slight_smile:
I guess keep watching for it again.

A puzzle indeed.

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Thanks for you guess Dave, don’t worry I could work around and continue my project.

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I did look up when that error message might show, and there were bug fixes to solve a couple of the cases. Those were seven years ago, so shouldn’t happen in 2018. You may have chanced across a new combination. The other issues were also to do with drawing circles.