Error message: This does not appear to be a sketchup model

by mistake I deleted the folder, and when recovering it from the recycle bin it gave this error

It might be that Colin will be able to recover it. I couldn’t do anything with it, though. If it’s a file you need, I would recommend getting started at recreating it just in case Colin can’t do anything with it either.

How can I talk to him?

this is the folder where I saved it the first time 🛑Ambiente 1 - Google Drive

You pinged him in your first post in this thread. He’ll get to it as soon as he can.

While you’re wiating fix your forum profile.

thank you very much

The problem I saw in your file was one we have seen when saving a model to a Western Digital network drive, where their software would corrupt the header of the file. We did add a fix for that a couple of updates ago, but if you are still using SketchUp 2021 you would run into the problem again.

You said you were saving to your desktop, can you make sure the desktop is on your local C drive? Or save into another folder that you are sure is on the local hard drive.

I was able to fix the header on the file. It isn’t something that Dave or anyone else could have done.

Here’s the fixed file:

Looks like Colin got you sorted out as far as the file corruption. It would be a good idea to clean up your file before you proceed any further with it.

I fixed incorrect tag usage. There isn’t much but there is some.
Screenshot - 9_18_2023 , 12_45_37 PM
Then I purged unused stuff.
Screenshot - 9_18_2023 , 12_46_21 PM
It wouldn’t hurt to clean up the floating stuff around your model.

And there are quite a few exposed blue back faces that ought to be corrected.

The cleanup that I did reduced the file size by nearly 58%. More could be done to streamline your file and make it easier to work with.

I don’t know how to thank you, I’ve been trying to resolve it for days, thank you very much, and congratulations on your work

thanks for the recommendations

If “recycle bin” means the Windows feature, then un-deleting the folder should work perfectly. If the folder (and files within) were actually deleted from the computer’s filesystem and then recovered via some application that scavenges the computer’s filesystem to try to find all the blocks of the original file, there is never a guarantee that re-creating a deleted file will produce an exact copy of what was in the file before it was deleted.