Error Message " This does not appear to be a Sketch Up Model"

I have a Presentation Due Tomorrow on this project any help would be greatly appreciated.

Some information seems to be missing from the front end of the file. I can ask a developer to try to see if it can be fixed, but that may not happen until about 12 hours from now.

You Really are a life saver, I read through some of your other fixes and and found a hex editor. I Used a Blank drawing as a template and copied the Reference lines onto my troubled drawing. But This is not really my area. Despite my best efforts and a long night I was not able to get it working. I have confidence you Tech Wizards will Figure it out. Thank you so much for your time.

That idea had occurred to me, but there are two problems. One is that I don’t know how much is missing from the front of the file. The other is that even if we copy and paste exactly the rights parts together, Windows will see a checksum error, and will refuse to open the file.

Valid points, and I can safely assume this was the issue occurring after my edits.

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