Error message “create an association in the Default App Association page

I am trying to download the plug-in “x ray tool bar“ from sketchUcation. I get the error message “create an association in the Default App Association page“. I am using sketch up make 2017. I tried a different plug-in from fredo6 with the same results.

Are you actually using the free web version, as your profile indicates? If so, none of the web versions support extensions or plugins. If you are attempting to install an extension by drag-n-dropping it onto the web version, that message is your browser telling you it doesn’t know what to do with that kind of file.

I need to fix my profile, I am using SketchUp make 2017. Is that xray tool available with Sketchup make 2017. I am new to this program and had trouble finding it and not sure how to make a shortcut.

You do not need an extension to get to xray view. It is on the styles tool bar. Right click on a blank space on your tool bar and choose styles. Or go to Window>preferences>shortcuts.In the filter box type X-, this will bring up the xray, assign a shortcut to it. Most use X.

When you download any file from a web-browser there can be several options offered, depending on your browser’s settings for that file-type.
Typically for an RBZ file you need to Save it to your Downloads folder.
This might be set up in your browser’s Options Settings to be done automatically, or a dialog opens to allow you to browse to the destination folder.
Alternatively, if the option are not set up properly you will be prompted to either Save it or Open it…
You want to Save it - it can’t be usefully opened by anything - what to do with the downloaded RBZ follows…
I recommend you set up your browser’s options to Save without an Open? prompt.

Once you have downloaded the RBZ you need to install it in SketchUp itself…
In v2017, open Window > Extension Manager > Install… [red button]
Navigate to the RBZ and OK…
SketchUp then automatically extracts the files and subfolders from the RBZ [which is actually a renamed ZIP file] - these are put into the appropriate Users…Plugins folder locations, and loaded…

Note if you intend to get Fredo’s RBZ extensions remember to also get/install LibFredo’s RBZ as that’s needed to support most of his extensions…

If you are completely new to SketchUp, you should study the tutorials available at their website so that you understand how it works before you jump into installing extensions!

How are you attempting to install extensions? The right way is to download from sketchUcation then open Window->Extension Manager and click the button there to find the extension’s downloaded rbz. If you are trying to drag and drop into SketchUp, that also does not work with the desktop versions.

For extensions from sketchUcation, your first step should be to install their own Plugin Store extension, which will make it much easier to install other extensions from sketchUcation (I see TIG is replying too, that’s probably what he will tell you).

Be warned, however: that x-ray extension was an experiment in 2008 that was abandoned. There have been a lot of changes to the version of Ruby that SketchUp uses since then, and any extension that old is strictly “at your own risk”. Some will work, others will not.

To set keyboard shortcuts, use the shortcuts panel in SketchUp Preferences.

Edit: as @TIG pointed out, the problem may be that your web browser is set to automatically open downloads, and a SketchUp extension’s .rbz filetype is not something that can be opened directly, it is meant to be installed by SketchUp as I described above.