Error mesage about database

After installing MEPdesigner When I start Sketchup (Make 2015 Windows 32 bit). There are error messages. “Unable to connect to Not Defined Key *** Not Found *** database. The database file does not exist.”


“The current model units do not match the current database units. The model units are Imperialand the database units are metric. MEPdesigner modeling commands will be disabled for this model.”

and I can not use MEPdesigner.

What would be the solution ?

Thanks and regards.

Have you had earlier versions of MEPdesigner installed? Which operating system (and version) do you have and does it match with MEPdesigner’s requirements?

Did the installation of MEPdesigner 2.0 complete successfully? Apparently it does not find the location (probably registry key) of its database. Does your username on your computer contain any special characters?

There is a dedicated support site by the makers of MEPdesigner.