Error Loading File

Error Loading File C:\Program Files\Sketchup\Sketchup2015

None of the files in this folder work! I uninstalled and re-install twice!

They are there? How do you try to load them? What is the error message? Is there an error message? …

Hi thanks for responding.

I want to change the style. I attached screen shots of my process.
Error 2.pdf (678 KB)

The Styles are obviously there, since they have entries in the dialog.
It’s just having issues loading the selected Style into the model…
Have you messed around with security-permissions for the SketchUp folder’s files or subfolders ?
If so, perhaps the .style files are not readable ?

When you installed SketchUp did you do so as an administrator [context-menu option for the installer file icon] - simply being an admin is often NOT enough.
Also have you tried changing the SketchUp.exe under the context-menu Compatibility, to ‘always run program as administrator’ - check-box near the bottom of the dialog…
Either [or both] of those things might be preventing the proper running of SketchUp…

It worked! I right-clicked on the exe file and “Ran as administrator” and it opened up without any problems.

Thank you so much!