Error installing sketchup pro


i’m trying to install sketchup pro 2014, on my Dell Vostro 430, Core I7 870 - 8 GB Ram - windows 7 Pro - 64 Bit,

while installing, after choosing the directory to install SketchUp Pro 2014, give the error Message that says :

key not valid for use in specified state ( pic in attachment)

**** i successfully installed the program from the same installation files, on another windows 7 pro 64 bit PC,

i googled around this message, but with no result.

**** i installed Dot Net Frame word 4.5

Hi aaralmm,

That error is generated by Microsoft and seems to be related to Team Foundation Server. You can read more about the error on the Microsoft site at the links below:

I’m not certain if the issue is because you’re accessing the installer from across a server, you’re trying to install SketchUp on a server vs the local system, or if the problem is with creating system files locally on a computer which is getting permissions from a served location. You’ll need to check with your network administrator to find out which piece is at fault.

You should be able to get it installed at a minimum by disconnecting the computer from the network and installing locally, if you can’t even do that then you need to have your system administrator install it for you.

Hope that helps!

The solution to the “Key not valid for use in specified state” error message seems to be the removal of the Windows Update KB2918614. See other forum thread about this here: