Error installation on Windows 7 64-Bit Home Premium

Hi, I tried to install “SketchUp Make 2016” for Windows 64-bit but I can not install it because it gives me an error as attached … who can help me?

Some people who have had that error have found that installing as Administrator fixed it while others had to install the 32-bit version. Is your Windows 7 installation 64-bit?

…YES, my installation is on Windows 64 bit

Did you try installing as Administrator?

Yes, definitely writing keys and attributes into the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE hive of the Windows registry requires Administrative privileges.

Ref similar topic thread:

(1) Try right-click the installer exe, and choose “Run as administrator”

(2) If that does not work you’ll need to log onto your computer’s hidden Administrator account, and re-run the installer. See this webpage about enabling the hidden Administrator account:
How to Geek: Enable the hidden administrator account on windows


Sì, sicuramente scrivere chiavi e gli attributi nel hive HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE del registro di Windows richiede privilegi amministrativi.

(1) Fare clic con il programma di installazione, e scegliere “Esegui come amministratore”.

(2) Se questo non funziona, è necessario accedere account Administrator nascosta del computer, e ri-eseguire il programma di installazione. Vedere questa pagina su come abilitare l’account Administrator nascosto:
How to Geek: Abilitazione l’account di amministratore nascosto su Windows

Hi, I did everything according to your instructions but not Sketchup Make restores the same mistake . I think abandon the project .

Control-Panel > Programs and Features
Find the Sketchup installation > UNINSTALL…

Find the equivalent SketchUp installer .exe file.
Select its icon > right-click > context-menu > Run as administrator

Start SketchUp and see if that helps.

You MUST install SketchUp as an administrator.
It does not matter if your ‘user’ have administrator privileges.
You must do it as an administrator, using the context-menu !

I also did exactly this step but it is not possible to install Sketchup . I have a 7 working version that I will continue to use without installing this 2016. I am sorry for this problem …

It is possible to do it, because many users have successfully done it…
What is so special about your set up that has issues ?
It will be solvable given enough probing…

Nothing special, I only have a Toshiba Notebook i7 with Windows 7 Home Premium and I followed all the directions of the forum , including your … I do not know what to do more .