Error in Italian version handling of explode shortcut


This issue arose in the SketchUcation forum: an Italian user found that he could not assign a stable shortcut to the context flyout menu item for explode. The assignment would work for a single session, and then be lost the next time SketchUp was launched. On examining the SharedPreferences.json file, he discovered that the command string Sketchup saved for the shortcut in the json was

"Shortcut_31": "0 0 0 X /Modifica/Menu contestuale a comparsa/Esplodi"

If he hand-edited this by appending a colon, it worked

"Shortcut_31": "0 0 0 X /Modifica/Menu contestuale a comparsa/Esplodi:"

But the next time SketchUp closed, the json would be rewritten without the colon and the shortcut would stop working.

This appears to be an error in handling of the command strings for shortcuts in the Italian translation on Mac.

To clarify, on Mac a command that is tied to a menu item appears in the Preferences->Shortcuts dialog as a menu path to that command. For example, the Rectangle Tool appears as


but when saved to the json file, it is converted to the internal name of that command, for example


This converson does not happen for shortcuts to a menu item added by an extension or that doesn’t correspond to a built-in command. In those cases, a leading ‘/’ is put onto the path seen in the preferences and a colon is not appended. You can see that is what happens to the explode command in the samples above. Yet SketchUp expects the appended colon and won’t load the shortcut without it!

So it seems that in the Italian version the logic for this conversion has been mishandled, leaving it as neither fish nor foul and causing SketchUp to ignore it on load.

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