Error in German translation


If I am not mistaken the German translation of “nested component” means “hidden component”. A nested component is a component within another component, as opposed to a component lying freely in the model, and has nothing to do with visibility.



These are certainly not hidden components that need to be shown. Maybe something more like “verschachtelte Komponenten anzeigen”?
@Cotty, can you give us a hint?


The Swedish version calls them inner components which also makes sense if nested is hard to translate. Perhaps Innere Komponenten?


“Verschachtelte Komponenten anzeigen”
alt: “Zeige verschachtelte Komponenten”

“Gekapselte …”
alt: “… gekapselte …”

(native speaker)


If I’m not mistaken this is the only place in the UI where the phrase nested components is used, meaning it should be fairly simple to fix it. Perhaps the documentation needs to be taken into account too.


I would agree with @sketch3d_de and would use “Verschachtelte Komponenten anzeigen” too.


@Barry, I think you have logged translation errors in the past (?)


Are you saying both could be used: gekapselte … oder verschachtelte …?
In a sense both explain the same thing of what is going on with mentioned components. You guys are the German experts and I guess there is a consensus on this in computer language. Nested is a common expression.


“verschachtelte” is the more appropriate one I think, but “gekapselte” isn’t totally wrong :wink:


Ich habe nicht verstehen… :slight_smile: I’ll fwd on.




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I didn’t catch much meaningful in this one but I think that in another speech scene Chaplin was reading out a German menu or cookbook recipe.


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For a correct translation of nested, how does geschachtelte work? Microsoft seem to use this consistently for nested in German:


Unterkomponenten ?

Short and sharp: “Sub-Components”


The difference is marginal, but it’s more widely used and the prefix better conveys the idea of recursiveness, through-and-through.


Perhaps “Innere Komponenten” could be a viable option too? This is the word used in the Swedish translation. I know too little German to judge how commonly known and easy to understand these words are.

It shouldn’t be mixed up with Interne Komponente (internal components) though, meaning those components not associated to an external SketchUp file.


It would be possible, but “verschachtelte Komponenten” ist still the best option here.