Error in closing phase

good evening, I have a problem with skp 2021:
1 - after a work session I save and close the program
2 - the error message appears during the closing phase

this problem is giving it with all files, both complex and simple
What will be?


What is in the error message? If it is a “bugsplat”, have you sent them in with your e-mail address? What graphics card in your computer? Is the driver up to date? Is SketchUp set to use your graphics card? Have you any installed extensions?

it is a “bugsplat” message. I sent it with my email address. the graphics card is nvidia quadro p2000. the driver is up to date. sketchup is set to use my graphics card. I have installed the most popular extensions and they are all up to date

The crashes you’re sending in look like they are to do with V-Ray. Could be worth making sure you’re up to date with the V-Ray extension.

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