Error Importing from Sketchup (Muvizu)


New errors come! :kissing:

I also have not enough room error.

I actually have some problem with Muvizu forum :neutral_face: I feel much better here.
I’m sorry that I’m using this forum for solving my prob :grin:

Anyone who uses both SU and Muvizu please help me!


What’s an .ase file? You followed which steps?


This is a continued discussion from Why Can’t I Install A Plugin on My Sketchup?

Not too many people on this forum do anything with that file extension. This inquiry would be better suited for the Muvizu forum.

I can though guess from the error message that your SU model had a mix of front and back faces on the outside of the model. Faces are sided. The whitish default face is the front face and the bluish face is the back side. The face normal points perpendicularity outward from the front face. Many apps, like renderers and 3d printers, need to know what is inside and outside, and does its work only front faced-mesh parts.

The SU model also may need to be a “water-tight” solid - no holes. You need to check with the Muvizu folks for the exact requirements.


I followed :
Furthermore, I’ve followed to set default texture by creating UT3 folder then set colour pink on paint and placed the converted-file (.ase) there.


Thank you for ur explanation @catamountain .
I’m kinda miffed with the features in Muvizu official site. They’re unarranged :expressionless:
Also, the forum doesn’t ease me at all. I think SU forum is much better.


From the error message I would like to ask:

  • how big is your model?
  • have you set collision to none?

Can you share the SketchUp model?


Actually, I’ve done with that problem, thank you anyway :grin: … What I’m having now is not enough room error :neutral_face: and also the object is positioned out of the world.

I hope I can use Muvizu forum as soon as possible :grimacing:
The button for discussing is nowhere.


SU models can become overly detailed very fast. In order to not bog down your animation app you want to minimize the number of faces to a few as possible to get the effect you want. So that may be your size error. We can check that here if you share the model.

Check to see if you model is geo-located in Window > Model Info > Geo-location. You don’t want that.

Make your model close to the axis.

You need to log in to the Muvizu forum to post there. It would be good for someone there to try the updated exporter. It seem many people are still using older versions of SU to work with the old installer.


Thank’s for ur advice @catamountain :smile:

I hope I can manage this one as soon as possible :grin: