Error 17 in layout 2019

since a few weeks, I can’t save my layout files in layout format. I only can export it in PDF or picture or DWG.
Do you know this bug? If somebody has a solution… Thanks

Where are you attempting to save the files. Internal drive or to a network or cloud location?

I usually save my files in my internal drive.

Do you think that operative process has an impact?

Not sure. It might have something to do with where you are saving the files or maybe the characters in the file names. LayOut 2019 hasn’t changed in years so there’s something else that is causing this issue. Fundamental troubleshooting methods would be to look at what changed on your computer when you suddenly started getting the message.

Thanks for your answer. I’m going to change the location and the syntax of the names (no underscores, …) and I’ll tell you the result.

Have a good night

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I’ve changed the location and the syntax of my files but nothing happened… and everything ok with shetchup. Same thing with rasters or vectors. :angry:

Perhaps @adam can help identify what the error message indicates. Again, LayOut 2019 has not changed since 2019. There has to be something else on your computer that is causing the issue.

Filename maybe?

thanks a lot. Can you tell me how to join @adam to have his point of viem about error 17?

Have a good night

Between the two of us pinging him he will know about it and will likely check in tomorrow when he’s at work. Technically you have no official support for that old version of LayOut but he will probably look in at the forum. He sometimes does.

Error code 17 indicates that the staging directory we want to use for saving is not working as expected. Can you verify you have write permissions in this directory:
C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\SketchUp\SketchUp 2019\LayOut\working


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