Erasing line opens window curved surface

This question is probably answer many times on this forum, but I can’t find the answer to this specific situation. I’ve attached a model of at dining room table I’m building and about work on the joinery. If you look at the leg and feet components, you’ll see lines across the curved “face.” There were more, but I could simply erase them. For the remaining ones, when I erase, it opens a window in the curved face. Any suggestions??

Thanks much, BillRevised Table Final before Joinery with leg faces aligned and thickened at pedestal joint 1150a 12_22_2019.skp (249.5 KB)

Soften those edges instead of erasing them. Hold Ctrl as you run the Eraser over them.

Those edges are needed because the faces adjacent to them are not coplanar. You can make them disappear by soften/smoothing them. In this animation I used the eraser while holding the option key (on Mac, ctrl on Windows).



Actually, some of those edges can be removed. I used CleanUp3 and let it delete the unneeded coplanar edges.

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Yeah, there are sections that are actually planar. No doubt a result of whatever tool the OP used to create the “curve”.