Erasing a Group but Keeping the Component

When I searched old topics, nothing quite answered my question. I made a bolt and made it a group, because I needed to use native trim before making it a component. After I used the trim tool and made the bolt a component, it remained nested in the group. I want to get rid of the group and keep the component. The bolt is part of the frame saw inside the chest hanging inside the front side.
Saw Chest (6).skp (1.7 MB)

I erased the group and pulled the component out of the components list. It just takes time to place the bolt again. So this is solved.

You can also right click and explode the outer group and the contained component will be unaffected. Native Trim in Shop and Pro works fine on components.

Thank you endlessfix. I just wish that the component names wouldn’t change to “difference”. I found out I can just go to entity info and edit the name back to what I want to call it and purge to get rid of redundancy.

You can use Outliner Tray also:



Thanks, dezmo. That’s quicker than erasing the group and grabbing the compenent to place it back. I didn’t know that you could do that in outliner.

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