Eraser tool strange behavior

The eraser tool is behaving strangely, the icon changes to the old design and I must hold the ctrl or shift keys to be able to smooth or hide edges, just tapping them doesn’t work, like it used to be a long time ago.

Is this on a Windows or Mac box? My eraser is working as it should. I am using Wwindoze.

same, on both platforms. haven’t seen this one yet…

It was Dibac causing this glitch.

Even more strange and annoying is the fact that previously we clicked with the left corner of the eraser icon, not it changed to having to click with the bottom corner of the eraser icon.

It throws me off every time, such an unnecessary change. In general these icon changes have been confusing, it’s taking me 3 glances to find anything. The old ones were dated for sure, but I would appreciate it if there was more of a transition without having to change the look completely.