Entity panel icons

Hi I don’t see any descriptions of the icons in the entity panel, especially the ones at the right of the locking fonction (Padlock icon)

Thanks for helping

Hold your mouse over them to see what they do.

From left to right :
Hidden (eye)
Locked (padlock)
Recieves shadows (block with shadow on top)
Casts Shadows (block with its shadow on ground)

Thanks. I am working with an Android tablet I don’t see descriptions when
passing bluetooth mouse over icons.

Do you see tool tip text when hovering over other controls? Also, do you see the icon’s background color change as shown in the screenshot below?


No Mark I don’t see the tool tips text or color change.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a ‘hover’ state event available to developers like us on your Android tablet- this is one of the primary reasons why we can’t say that we can’t support SketchUp Free on mobile devices. We need to be able to detect a ‘hover’ to show things like tooltips.


Thanks John.

Buttons on the right toolbar to make groups and components would also be
great. Beside that Sketchup free runs perfectly on android tablets as long
as you have bluetooth keyboard and mouse.

…and most importantly, snapping and inferencing. That’s what I found most problematic trying it on an iPad.

Any chance you can work out some kind of interface solution in the future? It would be a real leap forward if I could create SU models with a tablet.

Would it really or would it just be a really cool thing but with little practical use?

I would imagine you get a terrible nack pain after just 10 minutes from being sitting bent with your head over a tablet to draw. Or, in the case you have some sort of stand for the tablet, get exhausted in the arms for not having arm support.

I get that it would be cool to run run SketchUp on a tablet, just as cool as running it in a browser, but how useful would it be?

I do 90% of my work on a tablet with a stylus and spacemouse. But that is a full PC Tablet with touchscreen, not a ‘Tablet’.


I like working on my tablet more than sitting at my desk actually. The
browser version is praticable for simple designs. It lacks only a few
functions to be perfect for tablets IMHO.

Being in a graphic line of work, I tell everyone that my iPad is my elevator pitch; For the happenstance meeting with someone that matters, I can whip out the iPad and show them what I do. So, one aspect is more sales tool than production too. The wow factor helps.

For production, I don’t see it as the platform of choice to work on, but for those times when I don’t have my laptop with me. It would nice to still be able to pull it out and sketch something, save it, and work on it for real later on a better machine.

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