Entity Info Greyed Out In Version 2024?

In version 2023, you were able to double click the number in the field you wanted to copy but now it’s greyed out. Below is an example. I’m trying to highlight the number in the volume field but can’t. Does anyone know how to fix this issue?

I can confirm this behavior, this does seem to be an unfortunate change for 24. It was occasionally handy to be able to select face area info to be copy / pasted into other documentation. I do not see a workaround for 24 beyond retyping the information elswhere. While of course area measurements cannot be changed via entity info, perhaps developers did not realize that nonetheless, the ability to select them was a useful feature.


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I did log a bug report about this a few weeks ago, and also a customer raised a support issues about it. We’re fixing some more urgent things at the moment, so I’m not sure when this one will be taken care of.

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