Entity Info: Dropdown Tag menu won't stay down

This started happening about 2 weeks ago in SU23:

The Entity Tag menu won’t stay down long enough to choose anything.
When I restart SU it goes away… for a bit.
Sometimes it’s fine for hours before glitching, sometimes within a few minutes of opening.

Things I have checked:

  • Have disable all extensions and restarted to see if it was that - no joy
  • Wireless Mouse and keyboard battery are well charged
  • Mouse speed is regular and unchanged
  • Same behaviour for all groups, components, surfaces lines if they are tagged or untagged.
  • Have tried to use the arrow keys instead of mouse click: no dice

Using Windows 10, SU23.
Installed SU24 about the same time as this started happening - think that’s probably coincidental.
(My annual EEM (Epic Extension Migration) Day is yet to happen! :wink: )

Can anyone shed some light on what’s happening?
Is this going to require a SU23 reinstall?

Many thanks in advance :pray:

SketchUp 2023 hasn’t changed in six months or more so I would look at what has changed on your computer. I’ve noticed recently on one of my computers that the mouse seems very sensitive. It’s like a single click often registers as a double click. In SketchUp that results in components opening for editing when I select them. It affects other applications too so not specific to SketchUp. Haven’t sorted it out yet but it doesn’t happen on my other computer with the same mouse.

You can try a Repair by re-running the 2023 installer.

Close SketchUp, reboot machine to clear out memory.
Find the 2023 installer executable …
Right-click the installer exe > “Run as administrator” and choose Repair in the installer.

What are your display scaling and resolution settings? SketchUp is using Qt framework on Windows, which requires these be set to what Windows recommends. (Custom scaling and resolution cause issues.)

Another possibility is the system global text scaling. High settings cause issues with GUI layout.
It seems low settings 100-125% are okay. Any more can cause issues. (Ie, the GUI gets confused about where and what the mouse is clicking on.)