Entity Info and Material lists


My window of “Default Tray” look weird :

  1. I can’t resize “Entity Info”.
  2. The list of material looks narrow and close each other .

Can someone explain what cause it?


How about sharing a screen shot of what you are seeing so we have some hope of helping you.

Please update your profile with the SketchUp version you are using.

Hi DaveR,

How do I attach a screen shot?


Hi DaveR,

Attached is an image showing “Entity Info” and “Materials”.

The window for Entity Info is like default window, I can’t resize it to make bigger or smaller.

I would like to show you a screen shot for “Materials” but I can’t get it. Each time I want to make a screen shot, either with Snipping Tool or Gadwin PrintScreen, their contents disappeared.


Can you close the tray with the x button?

Yes, I can