Entity data extraction using "Generate Report"



Maybe this should be in feature request but

unless I have missed something [always possible]

Why “Generate Report” limited to only reporting on component entites?

Why can’t it report on all entity properties ? in a similar sort of interface?

Even better if it was a two -way data exchange so we could update entity properties from a database

Autocad used to have a model called [extended data attributes] a long time ago

that we could use for GIS type analysis and also was the basis for Facility Management software

such as ARCHIFM.

I do know there are extensions that offer this capability but why was "Generate Report " so hobbled?


You can use ‘advanced attributes’ to provide additional data. Is this what you had in mind?


I assume that is advanced attributes of a component -

What I was hoping that I could access the attributes of any SU entity

[eg edge, face, dimension, text, circle etc etc] not limited to only components…

thanks for the feedback though, appreciated