Entities disappear when I zoom in

I imported a DXF file to start my model envelope but when I zoom in, the entities disappear from the bottom up. As if there is a clipping plane or invisible section plane somewhere.

This is what it looks like zoomed out.

How would I go about fixing this? First time this happened to me.

I wonder if the lines in the DXF are far from the AutoCad origin point. That is the most common cause for clipping like this.

Hmmmm…I’ll check that out. Sorry for the late response, I’ve been away since I posted this.

Well, I started the model over from scratch with a new template and everything. It works fine now. I would still like to know why the other model wasn’t working correctly but at least I have a workable model to continue with.
The original model that I started with is just possessed by demons I think.

@Anssi I did check out your idea of what could be wrong. So once I imported the DXF into the drawing, I started exploding all the groups that I could find. Some of them did have a high Z axis point. However, the model kept crashing and it was just taking too long for my workflow preference. It was more efficient to just start over. Thanks for the input though. Now I know not all things import as flat entities. -Best, Velina