Entire model... missing? hidden? Just out of sight?

Basically, anything that causes a model to contain an item placed extremely far from the rest of the model will cause this issue.

One case is importing a dwg/dxf whose contents are scattered over a very large area or placed too far from the model origin. Click off “preserve model origin” in the dwg importer options before doing the import to avoid the latter. Fixing the former requires manual effort to delete the errant content or move it closer to the SketchUp model origin.

Another is a bug in SketchUp itself involving editing a planar model that uses leader texts for annotation. The bug was fixed in SU 2019, but is still present in 2017, which your profile says you are using. sWilliams shared a script, attached below, that will repair a model with the stray text bug. Copy this Ruby into the SketchUp Ruby Console and press return.

RescueMyModel v12.rb (4.4 KB)

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Thank you so much, it’s very helpful!