Enter value not working

I have a student using the Sketchup for Schools app and the enter value does not work for making shapes to size, (ie: 30’,40’ enter). After hitting the enter key, the shape just disappears and exits the command. I have taught Sketchup for 14 years and have never encountered this. It doesn’t matter which computer or device she is on and I’ve gone through all of the settings and still cannot find the solution. Any help would be appreciated.

Are they clicking in the Measurements window before starting to type? They shouldn’t be doing that if they are.

Is it possible that they have the camera zoomed out so far that a 30’ by 40’ rectangle just doesn’t show? Or are they zoomed in so closely that the edges of the rectangle aren’t visible? What do the dimensions show when they first drag out the rectangle? What happens if after creating the rectangle they click on Zoom Extents?

Thanks for the quick reply Dave, they are not clicking in the measurements window. They get the tool (rectangle for example) click to start the command, release, move the mouse in the direction, type 30’,40’ and hit enter. I’ve had her drag the shape out to the approximate size and it still doesn’t appear. She also can’t complete arrays dividing component spacing or multiplying component spacing since the enter key seems to be the constant issue. We’ve tried zoom extents and nothing appears, the shape doesn’t exist.

So she doesn’t see a rectangle at all?

This is in the web based SketchUp for Schools? On what device?

When she starts a new session of SketchUp does she see a scale figure standing near the origin and the red, green, and blue axis lines?

There is no rectangle at all. It is the web-based Sketchup for Schools and I’ve had her try it on a chromebook as well as a desktop and it doesn’t seem to matter.
Katherine Johnson (the avatar person) is standing near the origin.

OK. It’s strange that she is getting the same weird result on two different machines. Are you able to draw the rectangle on those machines when you open SketchUp for Schools?

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