Enter new coordinates for edges


I have a problem of finding how to change coordinates of edges. I want to make a 3d terrain from my 2d contour plan. I imported the edges from Autocad and now I want to change the Z value for each contour. Shouldn’t it be a properties box with a geometry tab to do so? I can’t find it in Model info or Enity info or anywhere.


No. Just select the contour and use the Move tool to move it in the Z direction as needed.


If the contours are equidistant (z-direction), you can use a divided line as a reference for the inference system…


Time for a plugin! Manually vert-snapping for a large terrain is a waste of time… Try Fredo6’s TopoShaper.



Thanks guys, got it!


Load the utilities plugin,

set the added query command to a hot key, I use the ? Key…

then whenever you need to know the x,y,z coords of any point just tap the ? Key…


There are also some very good plugins to move thing around on the z axis…