Enter lot corner coordinates in sketchup

I am just starting out with Sketchup, 1 hour play around, and would like to design a home, starting with entering the lot corner 3D coordinates. How would i do this?
Thanks, Rob

You could start with the basics:

Introducing Drawing Basics and Concepts | SketchUp Help

SketchUp Campus

SketchUp - YouTube

If you’d like you could try Geo-location. File → Geo-location. Search for the area you want. Import it. That will give you Lat and Long, which you can see under Window → Model Info → Geo-location.

If you have a survey you’ll have to import and scale it.

I would recommend starting by not starting with drawing a house. Follow the links above. Do the Fundamentals classes on SketchUp Campus. Start simple and learn the commands before you try to model a full house.

I have been teaching people how to model for a few decades and I will tell you, the people most likely to succeed are the ones who give themselves time to learn. Time after time I have seen new users try to tackle the biggest, most important model first. In some cases they eventually get something modeled, but those who work their way up to that model actually learn how to use the software and need up with a better end result in top of their new knowledge.


There are ways to define the limits of the lot in SketchUp but as already mentioned, you would be wise to learn to use the tools first. As for those methods of defining the boundaries, it depends on what information you have to work with.