Enscape 3.0 Not Launching in SU 2021

I recently installed the update for SU 2021 as well as Enscape 3.0. I previously had Enscape 2.9 working with SU 2020, but since the updates, Enscape is not loading when I open SU like it did before the update. Any thoughts on how I can get Enscape to load with the new version of SU? Please help!

Have you reached out the people who make Enacape?

No I haven’t yet, but I will today. I just figured it was an extension used in SketchUp, I would start looking for help here.

Not a bad idea, at all, but if you are having a problem with something like an extensions, which is software created by a third party, it is often best to reach out to them, first, Sometimes, people on these forums will have some familiarity with the issue, so it does not hurt, but it’s always best to drink straight from the horses mouth… wait… that’s not right… Sorry, I’m not very good at those folksy sayings…

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It’s always best to get it straight from the horse’s mouth.

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I’m glad I had already finished my coffee!

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