Enlarging model in Layout title block frame will not hold, reverts to imported model size

Is there a specific viewport that is problematic?

yes, the bottom 6 perspectives on A1.3

Are you referring to these bits where the model doesn’t fill the viewports.

yes, I set them to that size with none of the section cuts visible. Same with the top two but those don’t move when I save the SU model.

I modified the two bottom viewports to eliminate the space top and bottom and to make them the same size as the one on the left. Then I saved the file. It looks like this. Is that the goal?

I’m able to do that too but the issue is that it doesn’t stay the way I set it.

If I lock the viewport and then save the SU model I get a yellow triangle with an exclamation point.

If you lock the viewports and then there’s an update to the .skp file they will show the yellow triangle because being locked, they won’t update. Better to just lock their layer.

I’ve modified the other viewports on that page and saved it. I’ll send you a DropBox link via PM. See if it behaves for you.

Thanks Dave I’ll try that.

I can cosign the issue; I’ve had this problem suddenly turn up as well. (I too am a viewport modifier, most do not - there are different schools of thought on this)
I have not figured out what correlates to the problem, but after a save/close/reopen cycle it worked ok.
Inserting myself into this thread in case someone figures out the bug, I’d like to know.