Enlarging an opening is harder than it should be....like impossible today

I drew a wall with an opening, made it a block wall, added a reinforcement plate and now cannot make the opening bigger. See 3rd scene, I am merely trying to raise the top of the opening up to the fitch plate.

I tried push/pull the underside of the sill up 8" and later adding an 8" high rectangle to push it to the back wall. No joy.

I love to pain myself. Tkis should be easy.

(and I’m even wearing my SketchUp socks today)

Baseball concession wall.skp (604.7 KB)

It push-pulls up over here. (You have to edit the component.)

Uggggh! Components! Groups! Old men trying to use new software!

That was my main sticking point in Boot Camp. (I did a lot of pushups those two days)!!

But now it wants to push/pull all three?!? This is embarrassing, I should know this.


Make Unique!

But pretty hard when you’re clicking away like a mad person!

I need to practice components/groups, etc.