Eneroth Solid tools: preserves circle definitions

one of the most useful aspects of the eneroth trim/subtract tool is as follows. If i extrude a circle into a cylinder and then make it a group. I then use eneroth subtract tool to create a cylinder shaped void in another solid entity, for instance, a cube. The resulting cube’s altered geometry now contains the ‘true circle’ geometry of the cylinder, as distinguished from a polyline segmented circle which is what the sketchup native subtract operation leaves me with. To be clear, if i select the circle within the modified cube after using the eneroth tool, the entity info dialogue shows me that it is, in fact, a circle.
So what you say? This is very useful for exporting 3d dwg files for cnc cutting because these circles become vector entities which we all know are preferable to segmented polyline circles in CAM software.

Only problem is that it no longer works in sketchup 2019. That is, eneroth tools are now resulting in horrible poly line circles.
SU 2018 it works fine.
Any ideas?

Perhaps something for @eneroth3 to look into but I see the same behavior in SketchUp 2018 with the “circle” being exploded into individual segments. It doesn’t appear there’s any change.

This is 2018.

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I haven’t manually added any such functionality to my Solid Tools but the internal SketchUp code I call may have done it, and stopped doing it in the new version. In any case Eneroth Auto Weld should be able to quickly re-create any circles.

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@eneroth3, did you see my post? I see the same behavior in both SU2018 and 2019. I don’t think anything has changed in that regard.

Maybe OP used the extension differently in the two test cases. If the cylinder aligns with the box, rather than continue outside of it, the circle is preserved. This behavior is identical in 2019 and 2018.

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Hi All, thanks for the contributions.

I can confirm @eneroth3 's observation that when the cylinder’s circular surface is coplanar to the cube’s surface and the subtract/trim operation is made, the resultant cube geometry includes a ‘true circle’. This is both true for SU '18 & '19.
Hooray! I can work with this!

It is also true that if the cylinder’s position is such that it passes through the cube’s surface and a subtraction/trim is performed, I wind up with a segmented poly line circle in the cube geometry.
(This is what I was doing before and hence, my original post on the matter)

Here’s the really curious bit.
if one of the cylinder’s circles is aligned with the cube’s surface and the opposing circle of the cylinder is ‘buried’ inside the cube somewhere, that after making the subtraction, both resulting circles in the cube wind up as being ‘true circles’, that is, both the surface circle and the ‘buried’ circle are ‘true circles’. Hooray again! this is actually very useful.

It would seem that if either of the cylinder’s circular ends started life outside the bounds of the cube then we wind up with segmented poly line circles in the cube upon trim/subtraction.

Note the above is true for the native SU solid tools too.

So, the plot thickens.

@DaveR if you can tell me which screen grabbing app you use/is best I will make you a video example.

@eneroth3 .Your auto weld plugin is a personal favourite of mine - I have been using it as a work around to the above issue and for another circle fixing problem, for instance, using the intersect faces operation also produces poly line circles on a surface which I can reinstate as true circles using auto weld.