Enabling upgrades within the Extension Manager

I haven’t put much emphasis on upgrading until now with my plugins. I just tell the user to uninstall and then reinstall with the latest version. Installing on top of an existing installation seemed to create problems with some previous files not be properly overwritten.

However, I did notice that in the Extension Manager there is the greyed out update button shown. How does one go about setting that up for your extension, is there some documentation on that somewhere?

I’ve only seen this function work with extensions hosted on the Extension Warehouse.

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It would be convenient if one could just hit update to get the latest version of the plugins but this may not be possible. I will look into it further.

Julian is correct. This can only work with EW hosted extensions.
The extensions also must have a proper versioning system for the EW to tell that a newer version is available to older version installs.

The current version must also have been originally installed from the EW, and have the EW ID number in the “extension_info.txt” file. (This file is generated by the signing process.)

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