Enable Length Snapping... Why?

Menu>Window>Model info

Which means it’s saved with the document, not a global preference. That means every time you create a new document, it’s back on again unless you go through and resave every template you have with it turned off. How many people here have done that?

I have done it.
As I said earlier, customizing and saving Templates is a simple matter…
No need to reinvent the wheel every time !

But I agree that it’d be better ‘off’ in all ‘shipped’ templates…



Thank you!

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God I think I’ve just discovered the source of the inexplicable errors and inaccuracies over the last …gulp…10 YEARS. @AK_SAM I also shudder to think of the hours I’ve spent chasing my tail trying to figure out whats wrong.

I’ve always left this on. I assumed that inferencing needed this as some sort of increment setting so I just always set a value that matched the display accuracy of the model. I.e. If I have it set to display 0.00mm, I would set length snapping to 0.01mm. This now seems the worst idea with hindsight and reading this thread.

I arrived here because I couldn’t work out how a round numbered part would produce an factional length overall once it was mirrored.

As a test I’ve created a new template with the accuracy set right up to max (0.000000mm) and have imported some of my library parts in to review them. Some dimensions are true to that number of decimal places but some are inaccurate as soon as you go outside 0.01. This is gonna kill me now. Feel like I need to remodel my entire 1000 part library. Explains why when I send things to other software’s for the the laser cutter I get weird decimal readings that weren’t visible in SketchUp.

It should just be that the model is accurate to ∞ and then the display setting shows the number of decimal places that suits.

The obscure use cases which people have mentioned for this feature definitely don’t justify it being on by default.

Thanks @Box for at least raising this in a thread so it’s here to be discovered. I’m off to cry myself to sleep.