Emptied and Purged Sketchup Make v.17 (+VRAY) file still 360mb

Using Sketchup Make 17.0.10349.

The file was initially made on Sketchup Pro on Mac. I transferred to my PC for rendering on Sketchup Make and VRAY 3.6.

The file was extremely large and slow despite only containing basic geometry and minimal imported elements. I purged the file, gaining about 10mb, I then slowly went through deleting elements and purging to locate the problem and eventually had nothing left.

I zoomed extent, turned on hidden gemometry and deleted everything. The outliner contains nothing but the file name. VRAY has no textures or lights, etc. I did a final purge. Yet the project is still 360mb.

If I copy and paste the contents to a new sketchup file it is 30mb.

I really dont want to have to transfer to a new file and lose all the views and potentially VRAY information.

Have I missed something?

What do you see listed in Model Info>Statistics?

What about the bottom part of the list?

Of the materials that are left in the model, how large are the associated images?

Materials is likely to be the problem. I did add some high res textures via VRAY. But I also purged VRAY, which is empty. Is there somewhere else I can locate materials in the project?

What about those images that are shown listed? How large are they?

In SketchUp there’s only the Materials panel.

Thank you Dave. Through those steps I have located those images on one of the layers.

I had incorrectly presumed that hidden geometry would have exposed all geometry on all layers, and I had not fully gone through each layer and selected all and deleting.

The base image from which I made my geometry has been weighing the project down the whole time

Much appreciated.

Ah… The penny drops. Turning on Hidden Geometry doesn’t display content that is assign a tag/layer which is invisible.

Note that geometry and other entities aren’t on layers in SketchUp. Layers (tags now in 2020) are assigned to objects. All raw geometry should have Layer 0 assigned to it (or be untagged in current terminology) and only groups, components and other objects should get other layers/tags assigned.

Noted. Thanks