Emiting light via walls

Hello. Anyone can help? its 6 hours fighting sketchup - please look below 2 screenshoots - outside the box and inside the box with one window hole. somehow inside there is plenty of strange light like the walls are emissive. what is this error?

i can share this model

I don’t see any screenshots. Is this in Vray?

EDIT: OK. Now you’ve added the screen shots. This is a Vray thing not a SketchUp bug.

yes its vray - please look - there is normal sun light and suddenly inside there is huge number of light

Yes please share the model. Hard to say what is going wrong without seeing V-Ray settings and how your model was built.

in the same model or sketchup in general look at following sketchup bugs

  1. trying to copy set of tiles furniture to the new box - sketchup is creating virtual connections and gluing this into the walls - they are not sticked at all but sketchup is making geometry between them - how to reset this?

the other thing is that sketchup is not allowing to create a celling properly. look at other screens

Ungrouped geometry always sticks to other ungrouped things.

Post the model if you want more than general guesswork answers.

how can i post a model here?

If the model is not too big, you can drag the file to the message window or use the “upload” button on the message header (#8 from the left)
If it is too big (refuses to load) you can post it to Dropbox, Google Drive or the like, make it public and post the link here. Purging the file before attaching it is to be recommended.

here its the link


  • there is a strange thing about making a celling - its impossible to make it from corner to corner. then after you render it there is a light leaking inside via walls.

i exported all the elements from outside and made a box around it to somehow see what is going on with all of it thats why it looks quite clumsy

You have sun shadows turned off. The halo effect vanishes when I turn them on.

You would get better results by adding a roof to your space and using lights to illuminate it.