Emailed a model to a friend and he is unable to open it


I sent a model by email to a guy who has his own SketchUp and he gets this error saying “It requires author’s permission?”.

How do I grant permission to this guy to navigate through my model?

It is a woodworking model and it also have some components that I downloaded from the 3D Warehouse so do you think it is the culprit? Also, an example is a hinge that I downloaded as one whole component with two leaves. I exploded it to place one leaf on one other component part and the other leaf on the other. Is this a problem?



SketchUp itself has no sort of file security that I’m aware of. This sounds more like some aspect of system or mail reader security. Perhaps your friend needs to save the attachment to a folder separate from the email reader?

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I would agree with @slbaumgartner that it’s probably the e-mailing arrangement. SketchUp doesn’t put a limitation on files that way and components you got from the Warehouse don’t have any way to lock someone out.

The only possible problem would be if the other person is using an older version of SketchUp and you didn’t save the file back to that version.

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Why not upload the model to the 3d warehouse and let him get it from there?

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It was sent via email to be edited with intent to return back with changes. I am not too familiar with 3D Warehouse as I do not want to share it to the public till everything can be tweaked out. Can we share privacy between two of us until everything is right before releasing to the public. If it can be done, then I’ll go that route on the next time! Thanks!



How about putting it on a file server such as dropbox,one drive …… and sharing the link with the other party via email

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