Email and confirmation code does not match

I have recenlty just purchase sketchup license but it will not let me activate trimble account, therefore i cannot use it.

Anyone know where the best place to contact is for this, as I can’t seem to find one

Did you purchase directly from SketchUp or from a reseller? If from SketchUp try:

If you purchased a subscription license, you will use the e-mail address and password you used when you purchased the license to sign in to SketchUp.

Thanks Dave - I have tried resetting password few times but it keeps saying Email and confirmation code does not match. when I try, so not quite sure what else to do

Are you getting an e-mail after trying the reset password thing? Are you entering the e-mail address correctly? Have you tried following the link I provided?

I see your support request, thanks for that. I’ll check into the problem and reply to your email.

Thanks Dave. Trimble have got in touch with me and managed to activate the account.

Thanks for your help

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