Ellipse in a tube

I have a tube and like to place on elipse inside with one angle of about 50°.

It is not ready, but the idea is to print in on a 3D printer. My question How can I remove the ousite area?
See the picture.
Many thanks in advance for your help

Intersect the two selected parts.
Delete the unwanted outside bits.
You’ll need to use the section-cut view to see inside the form so that the internal partitions and any related edges can be deleted too…
You’ll probably need to do that to the junction of the sloping plate and the perforated wall, and wherever there are ‘internal partitions’ too…
Also ensure that all outward facing surfaces are NOT blue [use context-menu to Reverse them]

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Also be aware that if this part is small enough to 3D print you are likely to encounter SketchUp’s issue with short edges and small faces. Either model as if meters are mm, or use the “Dave method” (search forum) to avoid the problem.

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Tig was faster than me.

See this SU file for ideas.

Elliptic plate in a tube.skp (169.8 KB)

Hide the outside face of the tube to see what Tig wrote about deleting inner faces.

I still have some problems. Can I send my file directly to one of you? ou upload it here?

Upload the file. Someone will sort it out.

The file.
thanks in advance for the help
GrilleEcoulement_2.skp (90.9 KB)

See this SU file.

GrilleEcoulement_2.skp (205.4 KB)

Hello Jean,
Many thanks for your big help.