Either bug or intent - New - no thread for this found

And finally: I think I realize what causes the issue as well:
When you delete (not a face) but just an edge, an edge from which the author generated the dimension text (with arrows), then the bug seems to surface as well.
Because she did work on walls, deleted edges,… one had a dimension “attached”…

When you delete an edge that borders a face, that face must either also be deleted or merged with a face on the opposite side of the line. That specific edit was the proof case that led to understanding of the bug!

The file name seems to be made up from the title, but without spaces. I found the model by searching for floor plan ii.

Great. And yes, I assume (like most search engines) the 3DWH one simply replaces spaces with +
The downloaded file has pluses, so you are right, the actual file likely was uploaded with that name with spaces.

And indeed, searching for “Floor plan II” DOES bring up Ranolito C.
So I take back my suggestion to to add by filename to the WH search: it is already there, more or less. :slight_smile: